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In most states, including Minnesota, a license is required to work as an electrician. There are 12 electrician licenses options in Minnesota:

  • Class A Master
  • Class A Journeyman
  • Master Elevator Constructor
  • Elevator Constructor
  • Maintenance Electrician
  • Lineman
  • Class A Installer
  • Class B Installer
  • Power Limited Technician
  • Satellite System Installer
  • Electrical Contractor
  • Unlicensed Individual

For Class B Journeyman and Class B Master electricians, please read here.

At this state, we will provide you with a few words and a couple of links, since you can find most of the license requirements on the same page.

The following apply for these licenses:

  • Minnesota Class A Master Electrician License
  • Minnesota Class A Journeyman Electrician License
  • Minnesota Master Elevator Constructor License
  • Minnesota Elevator Constructor License
  • Minnesota Maintenance Electrician License
  • Minnesota Lineman License
  • Minnesota Class A Installer License
  • Minnesota Class B Installer License
  • Minnesota Power Limited Technician License

The licenses are provided by Minnesota’s Department of Labor and Industry (DLI).

For definitions and the work that can be done under each license please read the according subdivision of 2012 statutes.

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All of the above licenses need an exam, in order to be acquired. Before you take an exam, you have to fill the requirements listed in each subdivision of 2012 statutes, or the detailed requirements listed here.

To fill those requirements, you will have to either register as an unlicensed individual and start collecting practical job experience, or take some credit from the ones approved in subp. 3 and 4, or probably both.

It is recommended that you prepare for the required examination pretty well, because failing to pass, will result in needing to apply again (along with the application fee) at DLI, to be able to retake the examination.

After that, you should complete and mail the application (every detail you might need is there).

When DLI approves your application, thus making you eligible to participate in the exams, you will have to go here and schedule an exam. Exam locations and more can be found here.

After you pass the test and receive your license, you will be subject both to renewal and continuing education.

The renewal date for each license can be found at subd. 19 of 2012 statutes.

Complete the renewal application or do it online at

The required continuing education hours are 16 per renewal (except lineman, who are not subject to continuing education at all). Please, use as reference the directory of approved continuing education courses.

For detailed and total prices and costs, please check the fee table.

Class A Master and Journeyman electrician licenses can be obtained via reciprocity.

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Useful Links

Minnesota Class B Journeyman – Class B Master electrician License

Class B of both licenses have been discontinued. This means that if you already have a class B license, you can renew it and practice it, but not obtain the specific licenses from new.

You can read more at subd. 1 and 2 of 2012 statutes.

Minnesota Satellite System Installer License

This is a totally different license.

The association in charge of the certification is Satellite Broadcasting and Communications Association of America, Inc. The program required for completion is National Standards and Testing Program (NSTP).

The renewal date for this license can be found at subd. 19 of 2012 statutes.

You will have to read subd 7a of 2012 statutes for more information.

Minnesota Electrical Contractor License

Everything you might need to become an electrical contractor can be found on this page

Minnesota Unlicensed Individual (RE, RT, RC) License

An individual who has not a license, is not permitted to do electrical work required by a licensed individual.

If this individual registers as an “unlicensed individual”, then he can perform his supervisor’s license electrical work, under his surveillance and responsibility. For example, if he is supervised by a class A journeyman electrician, this individual can perform the latter’s work (under his supervision). This experience will count towards the required working time, in order to apply for an electrician license.
Note: If you are not registered as an unlicensed individual and you do electrical work, this is prohibited and will not count towards the required experience.

Up to 2-3 unlicensed individuals can be supervised by a single electrician, depending on the work they are doing. For more information, please read Subdivision 12 of 2012 statutes.

In order to register with Minnesota’s Department of Labor and Industry (DLI) you will require a small fee ($19.00) and an annual renewal, along with 2 hours of Continuing Education per year. Examinations are not required.

Every information and form you might need, can be found here.

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