How to Use LinkedIn to Find an Electrician Job

LinkedIn is a game changer for all job hunters across the globe. It is powerful enough to restore the job power into the hands of candidates by taking it away from the hands of recruiters. Each human resource professional or recruiter will have one thing to say in common that the best way to find a job is via social media networking.

According to Wayne Breitbarth who is the author of The Power Formula for LinkedIn Success, the best social media networking platform for professionals is LinkedIn. This is even applicable for electrician jobs. Do you know what Hays, Cameron, and JLL have in common? Well, that is using LinkedIn for recruiting candidates for different roles of electricians.

According to, Kay Luo who is the LinkedIn’s former Director of Corporate Communications have said that firms are using LinkedIn to find passive professionals, especially through the highly valuable referrals from their employees. Well, it is just the matter of being proactive! Here are some cool ways to look for electrician jobs quickly and easily.

Search Electrician Programs

Get information on Electrician programs by entering your zip code and request enrollment information.

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Build Your List of Potential Employers

Most of the times, it is common for us to stick to most popular ones but they do not form the edge of the job world! There are many companies hiring and the best way to know this is to search them on LinkedIn. To do so:

1. Log on to your LinkedIn profile.
2. Click Jobs on black tab below the Search bar.
3. Enter Electrician in the Jobs search bar that appears.
4. Click the Search button.
5. Play with filters in the left panel to narrow your list to minimum. This makes you discover about companies you might have never heard of before. Isn’t that cool?

Get Maximum Possible Recommendations

Much attention is given to profile page’s skills and experience sections for finding a relevant job. However, for jobs pertaining to electricians, recommendations have a greater impact than these sections. Although they can be too gratuitous and repetitive, they show up your efficacy in dealing with different problems at various places, a top attractor of top companies.

The bonus point is that these recommendations not only show up on your LinkedIn page but also on the page of the one who recommends, which means even that company’s or individual’s connections can read them.

Keep Connecting

This key can work in several ways: Connecting to alumni groups of your college or university can bring in job offers through them, connecting to companies directly can notify you about job ads that they post on LinkedIn, and joining different groups related to your job can also update you about current openings. These connections are best explored through the Network tab on your page.

For instance, if you are willing to work for a particular company in New York and you see one of your connections in contact with that company, you can request your connection to introduce you to that company. This is perhaps why connections form the backbone of your profile on LinkedIn.

Well, these ways are by no means an exhaustive list of what a jobseeker can do on LinkedIn. Regardless of the way you try, it is fun and handy to play around on the site to strengthen the foundation of your career.