Quality Of Life Standards Of Electricians – Is It Worth Joining This Industry?

As an electrician, your main responsibility will be making sure that electrical systems are managed in a perfectly safe condition, while working at the highest quality standards. Certifications must be updated too, not to mention about small maintenance operations or replacements. Sometimes, electricians need to work along with other professionals too. But what defines their quality of life?

I. Ease of work

Being an electrician is not an easy task, but it obviously depends on the specialization. In order to become certified, an electrician might need the following:

  • Bachelor’s Degree
  • Master’s Degree
  • Relevant experience
  • Various certifications, which might vary locally

As for the actual work, the good news is that physical work is not too overwhelming. There are situations when things might get messy and frustrating, such as pulling wires through walls. Other than that, most jobs are simple and cause no sweat.

There is a very high risk of electrocution though, hence the necessity to operate every tool accordingly. An electrician should never take any risks. Fortunately, modern equipments are protective enough, but this is when experience steps in.

II. Peace of mind

As an electrician, there is always work to do. In a world where everyone depends on power, it is imperative to have the right electrical system for personal comfort. Electricity is a field that will not die too soon. But on a different note, more and more people learn how to replace their own bulbs or how to install air conditioning systems. Do-it-yourself operations have gained a lot of popularity lately, yet electricians will always represent a main solution for more sophisticated issues.

Also, an electrician should educate their customers to avoid DIY solutions, because of their high risk to an inexperienced person.

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III. Stress and frustration

Normally, there are not too many issues that can cause problems in an electrician’s tasks. Everything is clear and almost every task has specific instructions.

However, there are situations when an electrician needs to do more than that. In many cases, the actual diagnostic represents the most frustrating part. Once the problem is identified, the whole operation becomes a basic procedure.

IV. The pay

Everyone cares about the money when it comes to choosing a career. Electricians are well paid in most countries out there. They are always in demand too.

From this point of view, the pay is above average and continuous. Self employed electricians might experience slight problems when about to join this venture though. It does take some time to get publicly recognized as a professional, but at least they can get a good pay regardless of the economic standards.

V. Advancing

The possibility to start a business is one of the best factors that can influence an electrician’s quality of life. Gaining any experience cannot be done as a manager though, so most professionals practice as actual employees or trainees. Later on, starting a business becomes the next logical step, hence the increasing number of self employed professionals or family owned businesses in this industry.


As a short final conclusion, an electrician can be a very appealing career when it comes to payments and it is definitely among the top ten careers you should give a shot. However, you should not confuse electrician with electrician engineers, which is a different profession.