$1 Billion Proposal to move 60 selected power lines in D.C.

A proposal of $1 billion to move selected power lines underground to prevent long term outages in D.C. The said proposal is called as “game changer” by Pepco and D.C. government.

This partnership will split the costs to 50/50 and will have a 7 year plan to put the 60 of the district’s power lines underground.

Business owners have testified at a public hearing that they lost millions in the past due to power outage caused by storms. Negative impact in the past for lost of productivity and employee’s can’t go to work.

In a report written by Mike Conneen on ABC 7, customers will see the rate hikes to fund the project, once approved, it will be at $1.50/month and by 2020, it will be at $3.25/month and eventually will decrease to pre-project levels.

Read the full report here.