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Whether you want to start your career as an electrician or you have an existing license and you want to become a higher level electrician, Powered Electrician can provide you with all the necessary information in order to do it.

If you are just starting out, you are entering an occupational field that is traditionally in great demand, so your chances of getting a job and becoming an electrician are excellent!

Please note that electrician license requirements vary from state to state.

For that reason, we have provided analytical guides for each state. Each guide contains the necessary information in order to become an electrician, take another license, renew your existing one or read the reciprocity guidelines.

Please select your state below to read the electrician guide for your state, so you can quickly get started.

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An electrician can do anything from complex circuit installations, to simple repairs and replacements of electronics and wires installed in factories, appliances and commercial buildings.

Electricians usually find jobs through online advertisements like those in our website, forums, linkedin, twitter, government’s job postings, word of mouth etc.

Electrician Job Description

Electrician Training

There is not a standard job description for electricians, apart from that they install, maintain and repair electrical apparatus. They are highly valuable at construction sites for either for commercial or residential usage. Both businesses and individual people benefit from their services and they all are extremely needed as long as society uses electricity. Regular maintenance and change of broken parts and other electrical appliances in buildings and factories is mandatory.

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Electrician Jobs

The specific purpose of the job is described by the license attained. For example, in most states journeyman electrician does the work of installing electrical wires by himself, whereas a master electrician usually supervises other electricians, like apprentices or journeymen.

You can search for a job for a specific electrician license on our job board:Electricians Job Board

Electrician Apprenticeship

Apprenticeships are an amazing win-win situation both for the employer and the employee. In most apprenticeships (they vary from state to state), the apprentice will apply for a position and go through educational courses as well as practical experiences. Most apprentices will be paid an amount of money, while learning the electrician’s job. Meanwhile, the apprenticeship provider will be able to get fresh young people with a lot of energy and willingness to achieve their goals, with only a small financial cost. It is also the best way for the employer to search his new pool of apprentices for talents to include in his next hiring.