What do electricians do? – The Why, When and How

Electricians are qualified and trained craftsmen that involve themselves in the installation and maintenance of wiring and appliances driven by electricity that powers our homes, factories and business establishments. Every profession has members specializing in different fields and the same is true of Electricians; you will find several types of licensed electricians displaying a wide ... Read more

Simple Bookkeeping & Accounting Automation Software

Bots are purchasing limited edition products to re-sell at a higher price (Splay has since deleted the tweet.) Those numbers suggest that bots are swarming the site, but Spitzer says they haven’t been a major factor in the company’s bottom line. “We’re not back-dooring. We’re not breaking in with force,” Chris says. “If anything, we’re ... Read more

HVAC vs. Electrician Career: Salary and Other Comparisons

If you’re at the beginning of your career and are interested in trades, you can choose from many options. That’s the good part. The bad part is that the decision isn’t always an easy one to make. Although most jobs in trade are pretty lucrative, there can be significant differences regarding income, job security, and ... Read more

Electrical Technician vs. Electrician Career: Salary and Other Comparisons

Electrician, electrical technician – they’re the same thing, right? Wrong. A lot of people confuse these two just because their names resemble each other. But, if their jobs were switched for a day, they’d have some difficulties getting things done. Yes, that is despite the fact that both of them work with electricity and share ... Read more

What do I need to know about LED lighting

LED (Light Emitting Diode) lighting is increasingly popular both for commercial and domestic use. It can be retro-fitted as well as built in from the development stage, and provides long-term reduction of energy use and expenditure. LED lights have been around since the 1960s. They have been used in digital clocks and TV remote controls ... Read more

Electrician vs Electrical Engineer – Comparison of Two Future Careers

Whether it comes to watching TV, staying online on your computer, using a sandwich maker or playing some music, all these things are possible because of electricity. This field is extremely diversified and brings in a lot of opportunities and solutions. With all these, two of them can definitely stand up in the crowd. Difference ... Read more