Burying Electrical Cable has slowly been progressing in Greenville

Though too costly, the project to bury electrical power lines has slowly been progressing in Greenville.

Residents and business owners can still recall the tales about downed trees and ruined homes with people pitched into darkness and cold in December of 2005.

Early plan was to target all neighborhoods but focus turned on the area of Haywood Road because some service lines in the area were already buried.

Funds are limited, projects are complex and time-consuming, according to the city officials, as written by Anna Lee in an article at Greenville Online, but slowly, electrical wires from the sky were taken underground.

One of the business owners said that it’s not just a safety issue but also a loss of business.

Putting these electrical wires underground will reduce the risk of having a power outage though outage is inevitable since underground cables are still connected to an overhead transmission poles.

According to Edison Electric Institute, electrical wires are also vulnerable to water damage and can take longer to be fixed.

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