Diamond Sharp Airmen: Efficient electrician

An electrician is the winner of the latest Diamond Sharp Award, a monthly program where Airmen are recognized by wing leadership and first sergeants for their hard work and achievements. Senior Airman Nathan Boudreau, coming from Huntington, Mass., abandoned the safety of his mountain home and a local construction job in order to join the Air Force assuming that he would be a vehicle maintenance apprentice.

However, luck had it, that Boudreau would no longer receive training to maintain vehicles. Instead, with his new career as a power production specialist, he would be key to the “Let there be light” initiative at his future assignments. With the new status, he decided to head into the new career field with an open mind.

Boudreau, who characterizes himself as a workaholic, leaves no task incomplete and continuously searches for ways to better serve the Air Force and his wingmen. This is one of many reasons why he was selected as one of the Diamond Sharp Award recipients for the month of September.

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