Electrical systems powers savings at military bases

Power savings are essential to any electrical installation, whether that is a military or a residential one. As with homes, the power coming into a military installation, has to be provided at a steady rate to the right places.

But as we know, power costs money to generate, store and move. Thus, the replacement of old systems and lights with new energy saving initiatives, could save money and free up power usage so other sources can use it more efficiently.

The same apply to military bases and this is the job of the 380th Expeditionary Civil Engineer Squadron: to do what a homeowner would do, i.e. optimize circuitry for utility maps and save money through cheaper more efficient power usage.

Money saving projects include switching the generators to commercial power initiative, solar lights and light emitting diode outdoor lights. The purpose of these projects is to save money over time; they include LED lights in dorm rooms and 142 self-contained solar units for light poles.

Of course, the electrical systems shop came to the base with ongoing goals and never-ending projects.

You can read more here, at the Defense Video & Imagery Distribution System website.