Electrician as part of a “new” middle class

It is not a secret that the US economy is lagging the last several years. One of the reasons is that there aren’t as many well-paying middle-class jobs as there used to be. With the boom of technology and computing, employers have substituted expensive human labor with increasingly cheap and capable computers.

However, it seems that a new class of workers, nicknamed “new artisans” will emerge as the foundation of the 21st-century middle class. Those professionals will combine vocational training or other hard skills with a creative mindset, problem-solving ability, interpersonal charm and other attributes that computers can’t easily substitute.

The new class will comprise medical technicians, licensed practical nurses, customer-service reps and yes, even plumbers, builders, HVAC installers, welders and of course electricians.

The middle class is still under pressure, but one of its qualities is an aptitude for survival. It seems that there is no better time to begin your electrician training!

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