How to Become an Electrician in Missouri, MO

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Missouri is one of the few states that hasn’t a statewide electrician license. Each county, city or municipality might adopt their own version of NEC and have different licenses and requirements for each one of them.

Also, there is not a statewide electrical inspection.

In order to find out what rules pertain the jurisdiction in which you want to practice, you should call your local building, construction or something similar building and ask them. Unfortunately, we cannot offer instructions for each and every of Missouri’s jurisdictions, but we can offer some general guidelines.

Usually you will need to have some previous experience of the electrical work as an apprentice, under the supervision of a journeyman or master electrician. You then have to apply and be approved to take some exams regarding electrical work. After you pass them, the license is handed to you and you have to renew it periodically and/or acquire some continuing education until the next renewal. Educational hours spent in a classroom might also be required.

We offer you some links below that might help you out:

Electrician Licenses available in City of Jefferson:

In order to work as an electrician there, you have to be properly licensed. These include:

  • Apprentice
  • Journeyman
  • Master
  • Contractor

There are some fees and exams you have to pass, depending on the license. More information can be found at the official website below:

Electrician Licenses in City of Jefferson

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Electrician Licenses available in City of Kansas:

Electrical work in City of Kansas, Missouri can be performed under an electrician license. This might be a contractor, a master electrician or any other official license. For more information you can see Permits and Licenses page (note contractor is a different category than other electrician licenses) and for example, you can also read the Master Electrician Requirements in City of Kansas, Missouri.

Electrician Licenses available in St. Louis County:

Same as above, you need to receive your license first, before performing electrical work. The licenses in this county, include:

  • Master electrician
  • Industrial
  • Elevator Electrical Controls
  • Communications
  • Contractor

For more information via phone, you can contact them at “Electrical Licenses: 314-615-4591” or simply visit their official page for the applications, forms and more information:
Licenses of St. Louis County

Electrician Licenses available in Columbia City:

There are 9 types of licenses you can acquire, so you can be an electrician in Columbia City. These are the following:

  • Electrical Contractor or Master Certificate (Type A)
  • Electrical Sign Contractor Certificate (Type B)
  • Journeyman Certificate, 8,000-Hrs (Type C-8 General)
  • Journeyman Certificate, 6,000-Hrs (Type C-6 General)
  • Sign Wireman Certificate (Type D)
  • Security-Fire Alarm Certificate (Type F)
  • Communication and Sound Certificate (Type G)
  • Maintenance Electrician Certificate (Type H)
  • Apprentice Electrician Certificate (Type E)

Requirements vary according to the license you need to acquire, for the scope of work you want to do.

You can read every detail and the process about acquiring any of these licenses at:
Board of Electrical Examiners in Columbia City

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