How to Find Work as an Electrician

The electrical industry is a tough one to get into. Due to the regulation and legislation that exists regarding electricians, electrical companies are not eager to hire a person easily. They usually scrutinize their applicants and make sure that he is appropriate on all aspects. To make finding a job as an electrician easier, check out the following tips.

Finding a job as an apprentice electrician without experience

Show them you “mean business”

You have to make obvious that you are serious about this career path and that you will be a professional at all times. Remember that employers of apprentice electricians are mandated by state legislation to employ their apprentices in a state-approved apprenticeship program. This essentially means bigger costs on employers, both on effort and money, so they want to ensure that the person they invest into is reliable and will not let them down.

Be prepared

Nothing shows better that you are serious about an electrician career than being prepared when applying for an apprenticeship. You can prepare by already having the necessary tools for an apprentice electrician and by having studied the current National Electric Code (NEC).

Search Electrician Programs

Get information on Electrician programs by entering your zip code and request enrollment information.

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Show your enthusiasm

Emphasize the fact that it would be an honor for you to start your career in the company you apply for. Reassure your potential employer that you will be glad to work harder than anyone else to prove your skills and become an asset for the company. However, be “down to earth” and honest, don’t be too arrogant or too confident.

Be flexible

If you are not able to land a full time job as an electrician, prepare to be flexible and offer to work as a part time employee, or even an employee on trial. Employers are always reluctant to hire someone full time due to the associated costs and risks. You may lower down the risks for them by agreeing to work part time. Then, while on the job, you will prove them that you are capable and worthy of a full time position.

Get a similar job in the construction industry

If everything else fails, try to get a job in a less competitive and easier field like the construction industry. Jobs in the general construction labor are easier to get into since the employer don’t have to setup apprenticeship programs. In a position like this, you will gain helpful experience. This will eventually help you become a better electrician, make some useful business connections, while it will give you extra points in your next job interview.

Find Job Electrician

Persistence pays off

Never give up on your job search. Let the people in your immediate social circle that you are looking for a job as an electrician so that they will let you know if they hear about a job opening. At the same time, try cold calling electrical companies you might find in your immediate area. It can be a bit tricky and intimidating in the beginning, but with this way you will have a chance to be the right person at the right time.

Finding a job as an electrician might be difficult, but once you will get into, you will find that it is totally worth it. Good luck!