Safety tips for preventing residential electrical fires

With the fall coming and the temperatures dropping, the risk of electrical fires at home is rising. This is due to the extended use of jack-o-lanterns plugged into wall sockets and electric heating blankets.

Unfortunately, on a yearly basis, thousands of people are injured or killed in residential home fires. For these reasons, the Horton Group (a privately owned insurance broker in the Midwest) provides various tips in order to prevent electrical fire accidents.

Some of the tips are:

1. Avoid overstressing electrical circuits.
2. Replace all frayed or damaged wiring.
3. Trade in old wiring for new.

Additionally, it is crucial that homeowners routinely practice safety precautions. As an example, to ensure that all clothes and curtains are kept at a safe distance from electric space heaters.

You can read the tips with more details and examples here.

Have a safe fall!