Strong winds and heavy rain causing power down and vehicular incidents in Fairfield

Heavy rain and swirling strong winds result some trees to fell on the ground and vehicular accidents that caused power down in Fairfield. Power lines fell on vehicles causing a power outage in 66 Passaic Ave and 1 Washington. PSE&G has been notified of the said incident.

Another incident involved a truck carrying Red Bull energy drinks hit the utility pole and fire hydrant on Dwight. The incident is still under investigation to know the role of weather, causing the truck to hit the utility pole.

Nobody was hurt on the said incident but Nutley Fire Department’s Hazardous Materials Unit has been deployed to clean up the fuel spill.

However, in a motor accident near Route 46 and Clinton Road, one person has been rushed to St. Joseph’s Hospital in Paterson as reported in The Progress.

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