Electrical safety at home

To eliminate electrical accidents at home, we have to check the outlets inside our house and replace any outlets with an Arc Fault Circuit Interrupter or ground Fault Circuit Interrupters, according to Tom Kraeutler, a home improvement expert and syndicated radio show host of The Money Pit.

In an article posted on Digital Journal, GFCI will prevent homeowners from getting an electrical shock due to ground faults, while AFCI will help prevent any electrical fire.

Statistics show that an estimated 51, 000 fires happen every year, nearly 500 deaths and more than 1,400 injuries. Electrical Safety Foundation also reported that almost 7 children are treated everyday for electrical shock because of tampered wall outlets.

Some few tips to prevent an electrical accident at home.

1. replace damaged wiring.
2. Use AFCIs and GFCIs at home.
3. replace standard outlets with tamper-resistant outlets.

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