Electrician vs. Plumber – Comparison of Two Future Careers

This article is focusing on the pros and cons of choosing to become an electrician or a plumber. Although both jobs are in the same field, they vary on some key aspects, like which profession makes more money, the future as contractors each can have, salaries and danger on the job, with electrician being a little bit more dangerous than plumbing.

But let’s do look at each aspect in more detail…

Electrician vs Plumber – should you become one or the other?

An electrician is a professional and trained individual responsible for installing, repairing, maintaining and removing various electrically powered devices. Such an expert can work in both residential and commercial properties. Some of them are employed as full-time specialists, while others work on demand. Just like in any other industry, electricians can specialize in specific fields, depending on their preferences.

On a different note, plumbers work in a completely different field. They handle the installation and maintenance of plumbing equipment and pipes. They can find projects in absolutely any kind of building. As long as it is connected to a water system, a home can always benefit from a plumbing specialist.

If there is one major similarity between these two professions, that is the high demand. Basically, it makes no difference where in the world you are. As long as you are in a civilized environment, electricity and plumbing are always needed.

I. An electrician’s salary

A lot of people choose to become electricians due to the high salary. The specialization plays a very important role in the process. Practically, an oilfield electrician might earn up to $80,000 a year. On a different note, field service electricians make up to $102,000. At the other end of the rope, electrician journeymen barely get to $42,000, while residential electricians float around $54,000. Other general salaries for electricians may include:

  • $45,000 for electrician control technicians
  • $50,000 for road electricians
  • $25,000 for rig electricians
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II. A plumber’s salary

While plumbers may not be as well paid as electricians, they make a decent amount of money as well. The difference is usually in the risks they are exposed to. While electricians may often risk their lives, plumbers are not so endangered. With all these, a residential service plumber in the USA is very likely to exceed $73,000 a year, while plumber ID Htr professionals earn up to $91,000. According to Indeed.Com, master plumber installers can go up to $46,000 a year. Aside from the specialization, the state is yet another major consideration to think about. A few other common salaries for plumbers include:

  • $36,000 for plumber helpers
  • $67,000 for lead plumbers
  • $68,000 for plumber service technicians

III. An electrician’s consistent need

There are no doubts that the modern society depends on electricity. From this point of view, it is obvious that electricians will always be in great demand. New technologies pop up on a regular basis. Besides, there are still huge areas that are not covered in electricity, so the expansion is very likely to last for many decades. Furthermore, unexpected situations and problems arise when least expected, hence the necessity to have an electrician’s number in your address book.

IV. Job security for plumbers

Plumbers are needed round the clock. The economy is clearly irrelevant in the process. Since new constructions pop up continuously, it is obvious that plumbers need to leave their fingerprint on them. Besides, reparations and maintenance are always needed. Whether it comes to residential homes, hospitals, schools, stores or office buildings, plumbing is an actual necessity. It is not a seasonal career since the demand never drops.

V. Electrician shortage is a reality

It is no longer a surprise that the current economy is losing a lot of professional trades people. Some people opt for better-rated careers instead. Therefore, the specialists estimate an amazing shortage over the next decade. The profession must be revived with educated electricians, so a lot of aspirants focus on the upcoming shortage in order to boost their careers and ensure a long lasting one.

VI. When plumbers become entrepreneurs

One of the main reasons to become a plumber is the possibility to operate, run and manage your own business. As long as you are the entrepreneurial type of individual, there are no reasons to ignore this possibility. You do not necessarily have to work for someone else, but just provide a local business. With time, it might grow. If your children enjoy it, your little business might soon become a family company supporting the surroundings. Electricians can also become entrepreneurs, but it is a rarer occurrence.

VII. Conclusion

As a short final conclusion, both plumbers and electricians are in very high demand and this demand is going to expand over the next ten years. The good news is that educating yourself is not the most complicated job in the world. However, most professionals agree that gaining experience is the most appropriate form of education. Without any practice, you are less likely to get too far.

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